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Our Mission 

At STRIVE Performing Arts Center we are dedicated to shaping well-rounded and exceptional artists, one student at a time, to go out into the world and leave their mark! Our professional, diverse and dynamic programs provide a positive, nurturing and empowering environment that enriches the lives of the families and communities we serve. Our goal is to pass on our passion and love for theater and dance to generations to come! Our curriculum is specifically designed for versatility and customization.  Students and their families can choose the education they desire. Whether it’s solely dance training, musical theater, acting, voice or all the above-we can make it happen all under one roof! We desire to cultivate each child’s wild and wonderful uniqueness and guide them into finding their “thing” that “thing” that makes their little hearts skip a beat. Whether that is having fun learning and being a part of an amazing team recreationally or taking the steps to train pre-professionally! Theater entertains, touches hearts, provokes thought, creates everlasting bonds and expands our horizons. In truth, the arts impact our lives greatly! We are dedicated to keeping this truth alive and forever growing through the six principles and values our company was founded on- (S)trength,(T)echnique, (R)espect,(I)nnovation,(V)ersatility, & (E)xcellence.