When STRIVE was barely a thought, a dream, a goal, a prayer-there was always one thing I was certain of in the deepest parts of my heart, and that was the foundation of family. When you join STRIVE, you truly are a part of a family.  We are a nurturing and loving environment that focuses and celebrates not only technique and artistry victories; but also celebrates and encourages teamwork, perseverance, kindness, resilience, bravery, vulnerability and the list goes on. STRIVE is so much more than just another building with painted walls, Ballet Barres, Marley flooring and mirrors. It’s a safe haven. A place to express oneself freely. A place to step outside your comfort zone.  A place to discover a passion and love for something you never knew you had before. And every single step of the way, we are RIGHT THERE holding our student’s hands. We officially opened our doors in October 2017 and have never looked back. God planted this seed in my heart when I was a little girl, and unbeknownst to me, it came to fruition in His perfect timing.  We give God all the glory and praise and make it our mission to fulfill what He has called us to be and do!

Our Vision (why we do what we do)

Inside The Academy

Our facility is fully equipped with two beautiful and state of the art studios, comfortable waiting area and an exclusive student lounge.  


Studio 1, also known as our "ballet room", is equipped with professionally installed ballet barres, proper Marley flooring, full length mirrors and sound system. 


Studio 2, also known as our "theater room" is professionally installed with full length mirrors, theatrical wooden floor, sound system, keyboard, music stands and other musical equipment needed for our classes. In addition, we have several props and tools used to enhance each student's learning experience!  

STUDIO 1 "Ballet Room"

STUDIO 2 "The Theater Room"