Cuties and Company Level I

Class Requirement: Legal Guardian Participates in Class and in The Spring Production Number 

Description: Cuties and Company is an introduction to the magical world of dance and music. This class is designed specifically for those impressionable minds and ever-growing skill sets.  They will learn basic motor skills such as communication, memory development, social involvement and more through music, movement, creativity and most importantly a loving and nurturing environment. The best part? You get to participate in class with your little cutie and create long lasting memories together! Students enrolled in the Cuties and Company Class are given the OPTION to participate in the Spring



Cuties and Company Level II

Class Requirement: Potty-Trained, Able to Participate In Class Independently  

Description: Cuties and Company is an introduction to the magical world of dance and music. This class is designed specifically for those impressionable minds and ever-growing skill sets.  They will continue to refine their basic motor skill sets of communication, memory development, social involvement and more through music, movement, light tumbling and stretching, creativity and most importantly a loving and nurturing environment.  Furthermore, your CUTIES will take a huge step in learning independence by participating in class on their own!  That in of itself is a big win! Students enrolled in the Cuties and Company Class are given the OPTION to participate in the Spring Production


Tiny Tots

Introductory Ballet/Tap/Hip-Hop Combo Class

Description: We heard you loud and clear and couldn’t be more excited to be offering our new and improved Tots Ballet/Tap/Hip-Hop Combo Class! This fun-filled class will get our tiny dancers moving and grooving into the world of introductory level training.  The “Ballet” portion will help students to build a foundation of strength, flexibility, and vocabulary. The “Tap” portion will begin to train their ear musically and rhythmically.  And The “Hip-Hop” portion will give them the freedom to move their bodies to the beat of the music while developing coordination skills!  This introductory level will begin to train and condition them for our Pre-Program and Individual Style Classes.  Our number one goal is to build and awaken enthusiasm, self-confidence, and a love for the arts in each student all while nurturing their natural creativity in a fun and loving atmosphere!


New Level! Petites

Pre-Ballet/Tap Combo Class 

Description: Our Petite Program is where the technique training begins!  This level is designed for all our mini students who are physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially ready to take their training to new heights as they learn the passion, love, discipline, and hard work it takes to be a dancer and performer.  Our Petites will be introduced to the foundation of our training at STRIVE as they begin to build their terminology and repertoire of Ballet Barre technique, progressions, and etiquette along with their terminology and repertoire of Tap skills, rhythms, musicality, progressions, and combinations! Our innovative teaching methods and class syllabi are designed for our minis to grow up absolutely LOVING their Ballet training and having fun while learning, growing, and building their discipline and strength!  




Description: Ballet is the foundation for training at STRIVE Performing Arts Center.  Ballet classes will focus on developing solid ballet technique with an emphasis on correct body placement, proper use of terminology, turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), and use of arms (port de bras). We take pride in our ballet curriculum and believe every artist’s journey starts at the barre.  Our curriculum is designed for students to build upon the techniques they are learning each week and apply them to center and across the floor progressions. Our innovative approach exposes students to both aspects of traditional and modern techniques to nurture versatile, diverse, and well-rounded dancers.




New! Lyrical

Class Requirement:  Ballet Enrollment  

Description: Lyrical has arguably been the most popular and loved style and art form in the industry for the last decade, and counting, due to its enchanting choreography and impressive skill set. It continues to be the front runner for the most sought-after classes, and we are thrilled to be offering it in our class line up this season!  Lyrical training combines strength, flexibility, artistry, and passion.  What sets Lyrical training apart is that it focuses on learning and understanding movement, progressions and choreography based on phrasing and lyrics as opposed to the traditional 8 count.  Students will learn the concept of mind, body connection and awareness through movement fluidity and storytelling.  Lyrical challenges a dancer physically, mentally and emotionally with the end goal being-learning how to express oneself in a beautiful, creative and vulnerable way! 




New! Acting 101

Class Requirement: must be able to read, write and memorize

Description:  Acting technique is the foundation for all forms of art and teaches the importance of vulnerability and honesty through our words or body language.  At STRIVE, our curriculum based on the world renown Stanislavski and Meisner theories and techniques with a focus on ensemble work, text analysis and character development. Acting 101 will explore age-appropriate monologues and scene work, auditioning skills, improvisation, basic voice and speech techniques, warm-ups and fun team building theater games!  This is the perfect class to step outside of your comfort zone, build incredible confidence and escape into your own world where you take center stage as the actor you have always dreamed of becoming! 



New Level! Petites 

Pre-Musical Theater Dance Styles

Description: We are incredibly excited to be offering our very first Mini Musical Theater Class! Our top-notch theater training is what we are known for and what sets our performing arts academy apart!  We feel strongly about our students having an opportunity to experience the wonderful world of theater and the diverse opportunities they will and have here at STRIVE!  Our Mini MT class is rooted in classical Jazz technique with an introduction to the fun and high energy Musical Theater Styles! Broadway Babies, here we come!  




Description: Tap dance is a timeless art that combines the world of dance and percussion.  Our tap curriculum will explore the two traditional styles, rhythm tap, and Broadway style tap which will enhance student’s understanding of musicality, counts, timing, syncopation, and rhythm. Class will begin with warm up exercises that increase knee and ankle flexibility, control, coordination, and rhythm followed by across the floor exercises that teach dynamics, phrasing and musicality and ending with exciting and dynamic combinations and choreography!




What We Are Known For! Musical Theater Dance Styles

Description: This exciting and fun class will give students the opportunity to explore what it means to be a part of an ensemble and what the industry likes to call a “Triple Threat”!  Our MT curriculum is founded on the principle of performance quality, where students will learn how to develop a character and retain and execute choreography within specific genres, styles and musicals throughout the decades!  Our syllabus will challenge students to bridge the gap between the dance and theater world by combining all three art forms (dance, acting and singing) into one show stopping experience! Last but not least, advanced students will be invited to experience this class in the coveted CHARACTER SHOES *By instructor discretion only* We highly recommend this class to all of our students! 




Private Lessons/Solos

New! Semi-Private Lessons/Duo &Trios

Dance/Conditioning (various styles)

Voice or Acting Lessons

Description: Take your training to the next level with exclusive one on one instruction with our professionals!  The benefits of private study are truly priceless and give the serious students an opportunity to hone their craft and crush their goals. Students will focus on their own unique skills, techniques, obstacles, strengths, and weaknesses.  We will emphasize on conditioning, strength, flexibility, choreography and learning how to carry over what is achieved during their private sessions into their group classes. In addition, we are thrilled to be offering the Semi-Privates to this season’s line up!  There is so much to be gained when working in a small group.  Students will learn, on a deeper level, about comradery, trust and teamwork. Above all, students will form an undeniable friendship and bond when given this invaluable and intimate opportunity.  But the most exciting surprise of all?  Our Director will personally hand pick and pair up the students who are registered, with a fun and exciting reveal to follow!! In addition to the priceless training, students will also experience the responsibility and thrill of performing as a soloist, a duet and or trio in our Spring Production! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Book your slot today! 


Adult Program 

On Tap!

Description: I am so excited to be offering our Adult Tap class again this season!  It was huge hit! And after everyone saw the priceless smiles and self-confidence that came from this class, I think it’s safe to say it’s going to grow this year! You deserve some “me” time on the daily, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to give you that opportunity by fusing together my passion and love of dance and fitness!  I promise you; you won’t regret taking a chance and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  This class is designed for all levels, abilities and experience! Whether you are a beginner, advanced or a former dancer this class is for you!  It won’t even feel like “exercise” as I take you on an upbeat and fun journey of rhythm, music and “sole”.  The sweating and getting fit part is just a BONUS! The most exciting part of this class, however, is that you really do learn how to dance and show off your new set of skills (if you decide to do so) in our Spring Production with some pretty kick-butt choreography!  I am a strong believer in age is just a number and you are never “too old” to try and excel at something new!  So, what are you waiting for, Babe, lets get tapping!